Hey, welcome to Uwe. We are the communication agency without chichi. Down to earth and northern german. And there is more than just Uwe.

also means.
U and we.

You’re tired of advertising that just passes by your customers? We also. That’s why our approach is U and we. With collaborative work on an eye to eye level. So all sides get a better understanding, also from the people we want to reach.

Your goal
is also
Uwe's goal.

way there.

Strategy: Who am I? What should I communicate? How and where? To whom and when? Always these W-questions! Don’t worry - Uwe can disentangle the tangle of W’s with workshops and give brands a credible identity.

Campaigns: If you know who you are, it's much easier to be like that. There for Uwe is developing campaigns without advertising covers. Uwe's work feels real. Because Uwe, hits the people’s right nerve.

Very Happy End: When you are happy Uwe is happy as well.

Uwe knows Tim. And the others.

You think Uwe can do everything? Not true. But we know people who can do what we can’t. And we are partners in crime with them.

the data.

50-year-old’s dance the nights in Berghain. 20-year-olds grow cucumbers in their gardens. How should you know who your "target group" is? Uwe creates it’s own market research with Appinio . And in collaboration with Cronbach, uses data to know less "persona" and more people.


Who works with Uwe.

We gave birth to Uwe.

Nic Heimann, Mathias Lamken
Managing Director, Managing Director/Creation

Nic has been working in the communications industry for 13 years. He is a consultant and strategist and is happy to help brands navigate in the media jungle with the right messages. His most important positions were KolleRebbe and JvM, where he was recently the Managing Director. 

Mathias has been in the industry for 25 years. His most important positions were at S&J, AlmapBBDO in São Paulo, Grabarz and Partners and kt / thjnk, where he was a partner and founding member. Mathia’s passion is the conception of media-neutral ideas. He is a member of the German Art Directors Club and has won numerous national and international awards. 

Do you wanna meet Uwe?

This is how you find us: 

Uwe GbR
Borselstraße 9
22765 Hamburg

Tel. 0172 990 90 10
mail: nic@agenturuwe.de